Around about now, you might hear your liver crying out for a bit of sympathy.  If it has been one long festive season party – and I know it can be – you might be looking for a break and detox.  It might be time to give your wine arm a rest and take up a new challenge.

Febfast is here to help to you reset after a season of celebrations.  Taking a break from alcohol can help with your energy levels, improve sleep, improve your skin and generally make you feel so much better.  And with only 28 days – this is totally do-able.

Be clear on your why

Whether for a day, a week, a month or longer – having a clear purpose is the single most helpful tool to stick to your intentions.  It might be about raising money to help young people via the Febfast organisation.  It might be your own health and wellbeing or to lose a few kilos.

Gather your posse

If you have some friends jumping on the bandwagon with you, it will be more fun and you will keep each other motivated.  Also, being accountable to others has been proven to be effective at keeping us on track.  I know that when I told my sons I was going to stop drinking they took

Gather your supplies

In our alcohol-centric society, it sometimes feels uncomfortable when everyone around you is drinking and your own hands are empty. Choose a healthier alternative.  If you have some good alternatives on hand you are more likely to stick to the plan.  This is a good time to try something different – if you are already on the alcohol free bandwagon.  Or you will be finding out what all the hype is about.

Set a complementary goal

Want to lose some weight or make good use of the gym membership?  Schedule in activities towards reaching one of these goals.  It will take your mind off not drinking and make you realise how sweet and precious hangover free mornings are.

Create a happier hour

Neuroscientists say that creating a new habit is easier than trying to break an unwanted habit.  So, if your end of day ritual involved winding down with a glass of wine in your hand, this would be the time you would schedule in an alternate activity like a walk with a friend, gym session or new hobby.

What you can expect towards the end of the month?  Besides feeling really good, your levels of insulin resistance, blood pressure and liver stiffness – a measurement of liver disease – will all drop.

Changing any behaviour is difficult. Don’t give up at the first mistake or slip up: get back on the horse and keep going.  I will be taking my own advice as I battle my nemesis – sugar – in February.  Keep me posted on your progress.

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