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Alcohol-free lifestyle with Bonnie Allen

Whether you’re part of the growing sober-curious trend, cutting down or aiming for sobritey, switching to alcohol-free drinks makes a great first step.

At Tabooze we’re asking people to be honest about how many drinks they consume per week and consider how alcohol beverages might be affecting their health and wellbeing.

But we realise serving alcohol free drinks makes for a big lifestyle change.

So follow us. We’ll show you how to supercharge your life with enviable alcohol-free panache and stock your liquor cabinet with zero heroes.

100% Alcohol-free Lifestyle Tips with Bonnie Allen

All the goodness of an alcohol free wine

What is the mummy wine culture telling our kids?

Turning to alcohol to ‘deal’ with the kids is a red flag. Sipping from a mug marked ‘mummy’s juice’ is no longer chic. Girls, it’s time to change the mummy wine culture. Why?

The message we’re sending to our kids is that raising them is burdensome, and the only way mummy can cope is by drinking wine.

Playdate drinking as a mother is not self-care; it’s just a bad habit. Trust me, I know.
Yes, motherhood is challenging, but it’s also a blessing.

So next time you’re hosting a play date, take the pressure off:

  • switch wine for award-winning alcohol-free choices
  • make BYOS (bring your own snacks) the norm
  • set a time limit
Teens not following in our boozy footsteps

Teens not following in our boozy footsteps

There has been an enormous decrease in young people drinking alcohol, with 9.7 per cent of 18 – 24 year olds in 2001 choosing not to drink, compared to 20.8 per cent in 2019.

Some researchers think this positive downward trend in drinking culture is due to messaging around alcohol. Young people are more aware of the harms and health risks.

Only last year (2020), the Federal Government changed the National Drinking Guidelines, recommending no more than 10 standard drinks per week.

The Cancer Council fully supports the change because 3,500 cancer cases each year can be attributed to alcohol.

Let’s follow the example being set and make healthier drinking choices.

  • limit your intake
  • switch to alcohol-free alternatives
  • have a least two alcohol-free days every week

Style power in a glass

Nothing excites the eye and builds taste anticipation better than an exquisite looking glass containing an exotic drink.

When switching to alcohol-free, revere your choice by choosing the right glass to enhance the flavour and heighten the experience.

Stocking your home bar with stylish, appropriate glassware for making mocktails, savouring alcohol-free spirits and serving drinks is an exciting first step to a rewarding alcohol-free entertaining experience.

With over 18 types of cocktail and beer glasses alone, there’s no limit to the list of zero-alcohol drinks you can savour.

Make a lasting impression when serving alcohol-free:

  • choose exquisite glassware
  • be creative in your presentation
  • excite the eye.

Meet the Makers

Discover more about the Aussie winemakers, brewers, and distillers producing the world-class award-winning alcohol-free drinks we stock.


ta·- boo| \tə-ˈbü, ta- \

variants: or less commonly tabu

a rule against doing or saying something in a particular culture or religion

something that is not acceptable to talk about or dosomething that is taboo

It has become such a cultural norm to drink to celebrate or commiserate. Here’s a list of favourites.

  • It’s drink o’clock (after 5 p.m.)
  • After-work drinks
  • Friday or Sunday or hump Wednesday
  • social lubricant
  • shut down a busy mind.

Having a glass of something in your hand is normal, and no one will question you (other than to ask if you need a top-up). But, on the other hand, go out for dinner or a drink at the pub or catch up with friends and you cannot get away without having any drink – or even worse, water! 

Not consuming alcohol has become incomprehensible in our society.  And I want to change that.  So, I named this business where we challenge the social norm, Tabooze.  So, let’s smash it wherever we go.

Yes and no.  Some products come close.  Many distillations have similar aromas and flavour hits, but the key difference will be in the mouth finish.  The alcohol-free (AF) drinks have a much cleaner finish.  And some don’t want to imitate alcohol, as that could be triggering for some.

It is fun.  Being sober at a party can be more fun.  I have found that I am far less anxious not drinking at parties than I ever was with a glass of wine in my hand.  I have happily discovered that I don’t need to hide behind the veil of booze to either have a good time or be myself.  Realising that people are not paying that much attention to me is liberating.  Try it sometime. 

Good question!  Without ethanol, non-alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine and distillations have a much shorter shelf life.  Producers are testing their products all the time, and each drink has a different shelf life, either opened or not.  Check the notes against each product for information or the bottle, or reach out to me.

You don’t always want to draw attention to the fact that you are no longer drinking.  It might be early in your sober curious journey, or you are taking a break and just stepping out into a social setting has created anxiety.  Answering lots of questions about what you are drinking is something you don’t want.  Also, sometimes you need a non-alcoholic beverage out of necessity – pregnancy or religious reasons, for example.  Holding a glass of wine or beer fits most social occasions quite well without drawing attention.

As a guide, Alcoholfree has no more than 0.05%ABV (alcohol by volume). De-alcoholised has no more than 0.5% ABV. Low alcohol has no more than 1.15% ABV.

But don’t be alarmed.  You can still enjoy these drinks guilt-free because A) they are delicious and b) they contain far less alcohol than standard alcoholic drinks, and c) they contain less alcohol than many everyday foods.  Yes, that’s right!  Some of the things you use daily contain alcohol – vinegar, some juices and think of essences. So rest assured that drinks on this website are not going to mess with your clean living mojo.

Use positive, uplifting language

When prioritising your health by not drinking alcohol for two days a week you might say something like: “By being alcohol-free, I’m respecting and looking after my body,” rather than “I must stop drinking.”

Take baby steps

If you intend to stop drinking, but overconsuming has been a lifelong pattern, that target can seem overwhelming. Recognise it is going to take time. So take baby steps and seek the advice of health professionals or a coach to support you.

Reward yourself

With the money you save each week by not drinking, reward yourself. Buy that luxe handbag you’ve been admiring, take a class, or book an unforgettable Airbnb stay in an iconic location.

Keep your mind on its toes

Breaking drinking habits detrimental to your wellbeing means switching things up. Replace old routines that would normally trigger occasions to tipple with new comforts and fun experiences that boost your health and wellbeing.

Practice mindfulness

Cultivate being kind to yourself. Instead of viewing each day as a zero alcohol ‘failure’ or ‘success’ see both as moving forward to drinking less. And in the words of Glennon Doyle, ‘We can do hard things’. Sometimes we just need to sit in our discomfort and listen to what it is telling us.

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