Senorio de la Tautila Red Wine Tempranillo 750ML


Señorio de la Tautila comes from La Mancha vineyards, and is carefully produced to be dealcoholised just before bottling, preserving its organoleptic characteristics and extracting only the alcoholic and caloric content of this wine characterised by a generous fruit expression, rich in nuances of plum and berries.

The presence of fruit surprises, and emerging from behind the wood of the barrel without too much aggressiveness.  Voluminous input in mouth, persistent structure with personality.
Goes well with meats, roasts, and savoury appetisers.

From there I found while the wine was sweeter than traditional tempranillo wine, I was pleasantly surprised by the tannins that came with each sip giving a nice mouthfeel from a dryness perspective. In terms of body and weight this tempranillo is a lighter for all the reasons we’ve stepped through above.  Review from Tipple Zero

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