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ta·- boo| \tə-ˈbü, ta- \

variants: or less commonly tabu

a rule against doing or saying something in a particular culture or religion

something that is not acceptable to talk about or dosomething that is taboo

It has become such a cultural norm to drink to celebrate or commiserate. Here’s a list of favourites.

  • It’s drink o’clock (after 5 p.m.)
  • After-work drinks
  • Friday or Sunday or hump Wednesday
  • social lubricant
  • shut down a busy mind.

Having a glass of something in your hand is normal, and no one will question you (other than to ask if you need a top-up). But, on the other hand, go out for dinner or a drink at the pub or catch up with friends and you cannot get away without having any drink – or even worse, water! 

Not consuming alcohol has become incomprehensible in our society.  And I want to change that.  So, I named this business where we challenge the social norm, Tabooze.  So, let’s smash it wherever we go.

Yes and no.  Some products come close.  Many distillations have similar aromas and flavour hits, but the key difference will be in the mouth finish.  The alcohol-free (AF) drinks have a much cleaner finish.  And some don’t want to imitate alcohol, as that could be triggering for some.

It is fun.  Being sober at a party can be more fun.  I have found that I am far less anxious not drinking at parties than I ever was with a glass of wine in my hand.  I have happily discovered that I don’t need to hide behind the veil of booze to either have a good time or be myself.  Realising that people are not paying that much attention to me is liberating.  Try it sometime. 

Good question!  Without ethanol, non-alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine and distillations have a much shorter shelf life.  Producers are testing their products all the time, and each drink has a different shelf life, either opened or not.  Check the notes against each product for information or the bottle, or reach out to me.

You don’t always want to draw attention to the fact that you are no longer drinking.  It might be early in your sober curious journey, or you are taking a break and just stepping out into a social setting has created anxiety.  Answering lots of questions about what you are drinking is something you don’t want.  Also, sometimes you need a non-alcoholic beverage out of necessity – pregnancy or religious reasons, for example.  Holding a glass of wine or beer fits most social occasions quite well without drawing attention.

As a guide, Alcoholfree has no more than 0.05%ABV (alcohol by volume). De-alcoholised has no more than 0.5% ABV. Low alcohol has no more than 1.15% ABV.

But don’t be alarmed.  You can still enjoy these drinks guilt-free because A) they are delicious and b) they contain far less alcohol than standard alcoholic drinks, and c) they contain less alcohol than many everyday foods.  Yes, that’s right!  Some of the things you use daily contain alcohol – vinegar, some juices and think of essences. So rest assured that drinks on this website are not going to mess with your clean living mojo.

Australian alcohol free beers are some of the best quality in the world. We stock many award winning non-alcoholic beers from lagers, IPAs and stouts. We guarantee full flavoured drinks with no alcohol.

You can buy a wide range of non-alcoholic products on tabooze.com.au. All of our drinks are carefully curated following extensive taste tests. If doesn’t make the grade, it won’t make to the shop.

For zero alcohol, zero calories you cannot go past mixing one of your favourite clear distillations – like Ovant, Clovendoe or Brunswick Aces – with soda. Muddle some mint or berries, add lots of ice and garnish with fruit.

At tabooze.com.au you can select from a range of alcohol free drinks. We stock beers from Australia and around the world, red, white, pink and sparkling wines, distillations that are bursting with flavour ready for your favourite cocktail and drinks that have been carefully created with amazing ingredients to tingle your tastebuds.

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