Breaking Free: 10 Podcasts That Explore the Triumphs and Challenges of Sobriety

Listening to podcasts t help you on your sober journey

I started listening to podcasts quite early in my sobriety.  There were some which covered inspiring personal stories.  I loved these to help me through the times when my brain would play those nasty games with me, just telling me ‘one won’t hurt’.  We all know what happens after ‘just one’.  Then there are podcasts with a bit of scientific theory backing them up.  Helping to understand our physiology and psychology around alcohol dependence and the mind games we can play with ourselves was a huge help in knocking the wine witch off her perch.  

Depending on my mood, I will tune in to one every now and then.  I am not a devotee to any one of these, but every now and then I tune in and get fired up all over again.  If your motivation to Dry July or a sober curious lifestyle is flagging, give them a go.  These podcasts cover a range of topics related to addiction recovery, personal stories, strategies for sobriety, and more. 

1. “Recovery Elevator” – This podcast offers a supportive community for those seeking freedom from addiction. It features interviews with individuals in recovery, explores different recovery pathways, and provides guidance and inspiration for maintaining sobriety.

2. “The SHAIR Podcast” – Hosted by Omar Pinto, this podcast shares personal stories of addiction, recovery, and transformation. Guests discuss their journey through addiction, the turning points in their lives, and the tools they’ve used to overcome challenges and find sobriety. Omar Pinto is a life and recovery coach helping people break free from unhealthy habits.

3. “The Bubble Hour” – This podcast focuses on the experiences of women in recovery. Hosted by Jean McCarthy, it covers a variety of topics, including addiction, sobriety, mental health, self-care, and the unique challenges faced by women in recovery. It ended in November 2022, but still worth a listen.

4. “Since Right Now” – A podcast that aims to create an open and honest dialogue about addiction and recovery. Hosted by Chris, Jeff, and Matt, the show covers a wide range of topics, including personal stories, societal perspectives, and discussions on various recovery methods.

5. “The Recovery Show” – This podcast explores the 12-step recovery program, offering support and insights into addiction recovery. It delves into the challenges faced by individuals in recovery, addressing topics such as relationships, spirituality, emotional healing, and personal growth. Note:  I am not a 12-step fan, but came across this in my research and it made it to this list in the spirit of balance.

6. “That Sober Guy Podcast” – Hosted by Shane Ramer, this podcast shares personal stories of addiction and recovery while providing resources, inspiration, and strategies for staying sober. It covers a range of topics, including addiction treatment, mental health, self-improvement, and relapse prevention.

7. “The Addicted Mind” – This podcast explores the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction and recovery. Hosted by Duane Osterlind, a licensed counsellor, it offers insights into addiction science, interviews with experts in the field, and discussions on various recovery approaches.

8. Hello Someday – A top 100 Mental Health podcast for sober curious women and gray area drinkers.  In this podcast, host Casey Davidson, interviews authors of quit lit, and provides tools, lessons and conversations to help you get through the first week, first 30 days and onwards.  

9.  Booze Free Bants – For something fun and breezy, this pod makes you feel like you are sharing a coffee and a laugh with a bestie.  Conversational style, heaps of great information and so relatable if you have ever tried giving up the booze and been struck with the dread of ‘how do I socialise now?’.

10. This Naked Mind – From well known quit lit author, Annie Grace, the podcast also explores resources that provide a science-based explanation for addiction to help free yourself from alcohol dependence.  The idea is to understand addiction, use that to take back control and never look back. 

Sometimes you have to try a few before you find a good fit.   I have discovered that I don’t like the ‘preachy’ style of sobriety podcast.  The journey to where I am now has been tough at times, so a personal and conversational style – with humour – is high on my list. 

If you have a favourite podcast hat has helped you through the cravings, let me know!

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