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Meet Bonnie,

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Once, our friends gave us an A+ for over-consuming and being the life of the party, albeit drunk. But now, there’s a new way to be a social butterfly, and it’s alcohol-free.

‘We’re not only ditching alcohol drinks in droves, we’re being mindful about how drinking affects our health and those closest to us.”

For me, TABOOZE is the realisation of a lifelong passion for helping people change their relationship with alcohol.

Stick with me because I’ll bring you the best there is in alcohol-free drinks.

Plus, I’ll show you how to change overconsumption habits, supercharge your wellbeing, live an enviable lifestyle and ramp up the fun, alcohol-free.


The Bonnie Allen Story

Tabooze Founder

Mum tells the story of how I was the center of attention at her much-talked-about soirees from the age of two. I’d toddle my way to the adults’ glasses and gulp their drinks while they were foxtrotting on the dance floor.

Mum never saw me guzzle drinks left unattended. She only realised when her sweet little toddler appeared staggering toward her drunk.

While I have no memory of these social events, plenty of my parent’s friends do. They regularly recall my drunken toddler antics with genuine affection and warmth. Yet, I credit my lifelong love of booze – and consequent struggle with overconsumption – to my formative ‘toddler’ years.

Binge drinking teen – a right of passage​
Binge drinking was what we did when we were teenagers. While my weekends were about parties and friends, pushing the boundaries of drinking bonded us. Rarely did I remember events of the night before. Yet, among my peers, having your hair held back while you puked was a right of passage.​
Dry Spell
Similar rights of passage continued into my adult years—except during my pregnancies and breastfeeding. Consequently, I had long dry spells where I didn’t drink alcohol. Still, I longed for my weekend and afternoon tipple.​
A shot of Summer​
Over time, my penchant for a weekend tipple expanded to Mondays and Thursdays. I told myself I needed a glass or two to help me get over the first day back and then a boost to see me through to the weekend. During summer, celebrating fabulous friends and glorious blue sky days meant entertaining outdoors. For me, it was open slather enjoying chilled crisp wines, introducing friends to boutique beers, toasting any event with bubbles, and creating fond memories. When I think back, alcohol was the social bonding agent enabling me to make strong friendships. Even when my children were babies, I gravitated towards mums who preferred wine rather than tea with their playdates. ​
The taste of success​
By no means did I see life through the end of a bottle. I just worked hard and partied hard. I started a business, built a house, raised two beautiful children, maintained friendships and entertained. But always with the reward of wine to mark the end of the day. ​
The point of no return​
In the mirror, changes in my health were noticeable. I no longer had radiant skin or hair that shone with lustre. The morning after fog in my brain was taking longer to clear. So I attempted Dry July — with an unsettling discomfort. It felt like my best friend had abandoned me. Feb Fast wasn’t much better. I even tried to abstain from drinking during the week – so I could ‘let my hair down’ on the weekend. But I couldn’t say no to reasons to drink. Even when my liver function tests returned abnormal results, I only managed to abstain for six weeks. Consequently, my overconsumption and social dependency on alcohol began weighing heavily on my mind. While I wasn’t an alcoholic, I wasn’t in control either. I was in the grey area — more than what was considered safe, but less than what is deemed high risk.
Cold Turkey​
January 2021, I went cold turkey. With a poor liver function and my health and wellbeing at risk my relationship with booze had to change. And here I am, strong, motivated and leading the alcohol-free way.​
Alcohol-free doesn’t mean fun free​
TABOOZE is me showing others that living alcohol-free doesn’t mean fun free. By reducing alcohol consumption, a new zest for life is born. Why not take the journey with me?​


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Our Aussie winemakers, brewers, and distillers produce world-class award-winning alcohol-free drinks and deserve all the buying support we can give them.

Now, with major pushbacks from global markets like China, local makers Australia wide need us more than ever.

By buying online from Tabooze, you’re:

  • putting money straight back into the community supporting local makers
  • contributing to maintaining the economic strength of Australia
  • securing jobs for future generations
  • helping makers craft more fabulous tasting alcohol-free choices.
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Many alcohol-free drinks are also low calorie. Get the premium quality taste without alcohol or sugar.

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