5 ways to kick the habit

You’ve been thinking that you would like to cut down, cut back or cut out the booze and when the sharp sting of daylight hits your eyelids after a big night, you are fiercely motivated.  You have decided to give your body your break and are going to shelve the ethanol for a bit.  But, 5 o’clock rolls around and you are thinking that a crisp white or hearty red or wee dram would be lovely.  A nice way to round off the day, you’ve worked hard, right?  But there is a weak voice whispering to you, ‘but you promised”.

So you know what you want to do, but how do you make those first steps.  How do you get from day 1, to day 2 and then beyond?   Recognise the triggers and find something else to do.

  1. If your daily ritual has been to walk in the door at the end of your day, drop your bags and pour yourself a little something, something, then you need to replace that habit with something that serves you better.  Go for a walk. Find a yoga class.  Put an at home exercise class in your You Tube list.  Get a good playlist and just dance in your living room.  Just moving your body will dampen those cravings.
  2. Find beautiful drinkware. Even if you decide that soda water and a slice of lime is going to be your go-to drink, preparing it with care and consideration and serving it in a beautiful glass elevates the experience and will trick your brain into forgetting about the other thing it was thinking about (booze!).
  3. Take up a hobby or craft which gives you something to do with your hands other than pour a drink and hold a drink. It needs to hold your attention and keep you focussed.
  4. Meal Prep! I found that preparing family meals in the evenings was my time to enjoy a glass of wine (or three).  When I stopped drinking, this was the hardest time of the day for me.  Batch cooking on the weekend, so weeknight meals were quicker and easier (meaning less time spent in the kitchen) changed that ritual.
  5. Find beautiful and delicious non-alcoholic alternatives to drink. There are so many sophisticated options available (right here in fact) that really tick all the boxes.  Across all categories – beer, wine, distillations.  I want to say “whatever your poison”, but the reality is these drinks are not poison.  For many of the drinks available here, they have been created with careful consciousness around provenance, health and wellbeing.

So, do yourself a favour!  Listen to the quiet voice and reap the rewards.

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